Hoosier Historical Nationals
June 2nd 3rd 2017
     The event has been a brain child of promoter John Stults for many a year now, a student of the historic movement, John brings a fresh nonpolitical approach to this event.
     The event will be held at the historic Whiteland Raceway in Whiteland Indiana. Whiteland is the oldest karting track in the country and has held many historic event of its illustrious history. Located a short distance from Indianapolis, the "Race Capital of the World", makes the perfect venue to host this event.

The event continues to grow as does the interest in the sport. If you have never attended one of these events I encourage you too, the stories behind the gokarts and owner/drivers will warm your heart. We saw a few more junior drivers this year, that's very encouraging for the Historic movement as well. We want to thank each and everyone that attended, supported, worked and made the 2016 a year to remember.

Lets make 2017 a year to remember in the historical karting community!
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