Hoosier Historical Nationals
June 2nd 3rd 2017
Welcome to the Hoosier Historical Nationals
Hello my name is John Stults, I have been around karting for going on 50 years now. I have a huge passion for all things karting and thatís why this event has attracted some great sponsors. I am an avid collector of the Homelite karting products, and constantly look forward to adding to my collection.
     I live in Columbus Indiana and have attended many historic shows, swap-meets and races. What I most enjoy is meeting people who share my passion and enjoy each other's company. As always please join me for our dinner on Friday night, break bread, share a story or two and relax.
     Looking forward to seeing you. If you have questions, suggestions or concerns, use the contact us page to contact me.
           Thank you and looking forward to seeing you all!
                                  JOHN STULTS
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