Hoosier Historical Nationals
June 2nd 3rd 2017
Welcome to the Hoosier Historical Nationals
2015 event news and web updates

06/13/2015 Charged the link for "Recap Event".
06/13/2015 Repaired timer issue.
06/06/2015 Began 2016 updates to web site.
06/06/2015 Updated the Track Record Page.
05/02/2015 Added the Track Record Page for future update.
04/29/2015 Added additional photos that were submitted to us. Thank you!
04/15/2015 Adding a Yamaha Sportsman, Junior and Sr. can race. Hopefully exposing the modern karters to historic keepers of time. Getting great feedback from all questioned about it.
04/13/2015 Added a photograph page, courtesy of Rolf Hill photography
03/26/2015 Added a count down event timer to the home page.
03/25/2015 Any photos from past historic events held at Whiteland please send to bill@mkpshop.com. We would like to include them on the website and on Facebook!
03/23/2015 John to be at the Vintage Kart Winter Nationals 03/26 - 03/28
03/23/2015 Added event to the Vintage Kart Forms - Really great source - Join
03/19/2015 Added link to Facebook Page
03/17/2015 Corrected Contact Us link, added Map
03/16/2015 Bridgestone Arch arrived, Drone photos arranged.
03/11/2015 Mini Bikes have been added to the Kart Show
03/10/2015 Various photos courtesy of goggle images, in house photos or with permission
03/10/2015 Added Sponsor Links - GP under construction
03/09/2015 Published to servers
03/06/2015 Created PDF Entry Package
03/02/2015 Launched Web Site

06/01/2016 Please be aware that the exit off of Interstate 65 at Whiteland will be closed. Detour Required.
04/20/2016 Added link to "Endurance Class" rules on to Registration Page.
04/08/2016 Added additional links for Track Records.
03/12/2016 Used new FTP to upload website.
02/24/2016 Uploaded the 2016 entry form and activated Link.
01/23/2016 Updated Home page.
2015 Hoosier Historical Nationals
Working to provide a friendly family festival
2015 Update/News
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